Monday, July 2, 2018

the spirit of a house

"Both houses gave one the feeling of having been built from inside as well as from outside, as though the men and women who had made them...had put them forth bit by bit from their own souls and bodies ... And the strength of their blood and bones still lived on in the wood and stone of each house, plain for all to see, and something of their spirits lived on in the spirit of the house; and the spirit of the house, though so ancient, was not yet full-grown; it waited on those who would come for the perfect flowering."

   " Is that a holy image?  asked Jerry, gazing round-eyed at the deer.
    Yes, said Ben.
    What's a holy image? asked Jose, also round-eyed.
    Something someone makes for the love of God, said Ben steadily.
    Then a house could be a holy image, said Jerry.
    Yes, said Ben."

                                        - both quotes from The Herb of Grace

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