Thursday, June 28, 2018

bare floor in the living room

It's strange to see a bare floor in the living room - the cats are probably glad to lay on the coolness of it. Settling on a suitable area rug is not as simple as I imagined, but I think I know what I want to buy now.

Here is the best photo I've ever been able to take of the beautiful Yogi -

but I am very, very sorry to report that my brother found poor Yogi two streets over on Monday morning, and he'd been hit. He picked him up and brought him to Diane's; they found a box for her husband to bury him in. He was so alive last week! Here he is hovering over Mr. Kibble, which was getting to be a problem, I admit. Not a good way to end a problem, though, is it?

Good-bye, Yogi. But, please God, no more!


  1. oh :( so sorry!!! My goodness! sending a HUG!

  2. Oh, how terrible! Your poor brother finding two dead cats in a matter of days! With love xxxx

    1. Yes, Clare. I told him he could remember Yogi by this nice photo, but he said he couldn't forget how bad Yogi looked after being hit by a car. Terrible.

    2. Oh, Lisa. :( I hope that image fades some in time for him. My goodness. Love to you both.

    3. I hope that awful memory fades for him too. xxxx

  3. He was beautiful indeed. What a sad loss. My last two cats were hit by cars, which is indirectly the biggest part of why I never got another one ...