Tuesday, May 8, 2018

a Big Deal

Henry is so uncatlike sometimes - the other day I picked him up, holding him firmly about chest height. He is a cat, right? No, he can't be. He was so nervous at being up high, I felt sorry and put him down. 

He doesn't play, or hardly at all. He used to follow the laser light once in a while, but as for anything else, he just watches when the other two are chasing something. 

But recently he's showing an interest in a certain ball, of two bright colors and something that rattles inside. He is drawn to it and will "play" with it - for maybe five seconds, or ten. And then one of us will say, "Look - Henry's playing!", because it's a Big Deal.


  1. Strange! I wonder why he has suddenly started to play and why he likes that particular ball?
    I had a cat once who hardly ever played. I might have told you about this before. She was living in the garden of a house I had a flat/apartment in and I got to know her. She wasn't entirely feral (I am sure she must have lived in a house once as she knew how to use a litter box) but she was very nervous near to people. I once saw her pat a little stone to make it roll on the path but she had no idea what to do with cat toys and ignored them. When I moved away I took her with me which really upset my other two cats!

    1. I don't recall this story, Clare! How good of you to take this cat; also, very sad to think a feral cat might not know how to play much. (I do remember about a large cat who - what - knocked your mother down?)

    2. Yes! Oscar hit my mother on the head as she walked upstairs! He was on the landing at the top of the stairs and he put his front foot through the bannister rail and thumped her! He was an enormous Manx cat.

  2. Such a serious cat! I can imagine the joy of seeing him play for a bit.