Monday, March 12, 2018

life is a struggle

You would think that the two biggest creatures in the house could handle the smallest person in the house, wouldn't you?

It was time to change the flea collars on Henry and Sweetie (Dolly had a reaction to hers, so she doesn't get one). Sweetie is a Very Cautious Person, and we barely got the thing on her. The next day the old one was removed. A day or two later we were able to tighten it. A week later, it's still got a long piece hanging there which needs to be trimmed (can you see it?). 

Of course, we could manhandle her, considering our size compared to hers, but we hardly want to do that. It is funny though, how resistant she is to any fussing around with her person. We're used to Dolly, being so compliant and trusting of us. Henry is sort of in-between. Anyway, thank goodness for collars that last eight months!


  1. None of the cats I had liked having collars put on them! They fought and scratched and bit and made out I was trying to kill them! My mother's cat has had collars all his life (he is nearly 11 years old) but this last year he has discovered how to remove them. Mum makes sure the collars aren't too tight and after years and years of practice she knows not to leave them too loose. We don't know where Fred takes his collars off or how; we haven't found any of them. Mum has given up on collars and Fred now gets flea and tick treatment drops on the back of his neck which is just as difficult to administer but he can't get rid of them once he's been dosed! Sweetie looks so appealing in your photo! So sweet!

    1. I love that name, Fred! Sweetie is quite suspicious (as she should be, I guess) but not devious, so she wouldn't think to get out of the collar. She just doesn't want us fussing with her neck. Yesterday she was in my lap and I thought if I moved fast with the scissors I could just snip it - nope, she was way too fast for me! :D