Saturday, March 3, 2018

in like a lion?

We say about March, that if it comes in like a lion it will go out like a lamb, or it's the other way around.

We had a nor'easter yesterday, with lots of rain and very strong winds, and we, who are the ones who don't lose power when everyone else seems to, actually were in the dark for a few hours overnight. So, I suppose that counts for "coming in like a lion". Except that the day before, which was the first,  it was very mild and pleasant.

So, did March come in like a lamb, or a lion?  Which day counts? I don't know.

Jo's work again. This one makes me think of sprinkles on a  doughnut; it was over near the coffee machine.


  1. I'm never quite sure about the lamb and lion thing. I'm hoping my March came in like a lion as we had snow and wind and blizzard. It's thawing today and pouring with rain! If this is lamb I might want to go into hibernation for Easter! Perhaps you ought to wait a couple of days and average it out - more nice days? lamb - nasty weather? lion. I like Jo's pebble. How pleasing it is!

    1. It sure sounds like you had lionish weather, Clare! As for us, I think snow might be coming on Wednesday - March can be so wild here, I'm always glad when it's over. 8)

  2. This space was supposed to have a comment from Gretchen, but - I accidentally deleted it. She admired Jo's rock and hope no one tried to take a bite from it, and said that March in her area was lion-like. Gretchen, I will try to remember not to fuss with comments whilst on my tablet - too many funny things can happen! ahem.

  3. Definitely a lion for us. If anyone claims otherwise, I may just have to leave the counrty for a while. Thought we'd lose the electricity, but we didn't. I'm ready for spring now.