Thursday, February 15, 2018

Jo strikes again and more mending

Jo continues to leave little rocks at the library; I almost missed this one the other day, laying as it was on our green and black stone counter -

an eggplant! 

I've got another pair of my brother's jeans almost repaired - two patches were required: one on the outside, one inside.

I just put the bit of fabric underneath here and zigzagged over the top.  It'll keep them going a little longer. Not rocket science, but he can't do it. It's good to know how to do a thing of use to someone. We all need to be valuable in that way; even something so simple.


  1. I love the eggplant! I have my daughter's jeans to mend. She has only had them a short while and they are wearing-out already!

  2. I wish I had seen the eggplant. Thank you for taking a photo!

  3. Mending is the bee's knees!! It is probably my favorite kind of sewing really. Also, that rock is adorable.