Saturday, December 30, 2017

red and green and snow

We had more snow today - not much, but the Christmas lights inside sparkle so much more when it's darker out, so it's never dreary indoors at this time of year. 

I bought this armful of winterberry and greenery at the farmers' market about a month ago. I couldn't resist, although not quite knowing what I would do with it all. But there is a small plastic table on the front step outside - painted the same color as the house, so really you can't tell what it's made of - and a container on it. (I had planted nasturtium seeds there and was really hoping they'd bloom before the frost, but they didn't.) I looked at that empty (except for the shriveled nasturtium) pot every day, telling myself I really should empty it out and put it away. I'm glad I didn't! When I got home, those branches were easily pushed into the soft potting soil and there they've stayed since, merry and bright.

It's been unusually cold for December, in the teens during the day. I wonder what kind of winter we will have.


  1. very pretty! it's been cold here too! (and in Ohio where I just was!).... a cold winter seems to be here... May God have mercy on everyone!

  2. I recently found you blog and am so enjoying it's gentle nature.
    Wishing you a Very Merry New Year!

  3. Those berries look so pretty! How fortunate you hadn't got rid of the soil in the container! I often find if I leave things around for long enough I find a use for them eventually! We had a short cold spell but it has been very mild for the last couple of days with such a lot of rain! All the rivers have burst their banks and our pond is filling up nicely! Wrap up warm, Lisa! A very Happy New Year to you and your brother! xxxx <3