Monday, November 6, 2017

surprise blossom

I really can't keep houseplants - we have one window where they'd get sufficient light, and the cats like to sit there (front picture window).  I do have one little geranium in a small pot because I love to smell the spicy leaves. It hasn't grown but since I don't fertilize it and don't water regularly, that shouldn't surprise. In fact, for at least the past week it has needed water and finally today I made myself do it.

How surprised I was to see a bloom! With a cluster of buds! Why? It was dry as a bone, and it's November, for Pete's sake. I immediately thought of poinsettias which set buds when they're deprived of light and water, but a geranium? Well. And in spite of the cat hairs.


  1. how lovely! I am not good with plants either! what a blessing, that blossom! so pretty too!

  2. Yes...I was thinking 'stressed plant syndrome' too.

    I am just discovering the delights of (almost indestructible) succulents. xx

  3. That's a pretty color geranium. Friday is 'water day' for my house plants. For me, setting a certain day keeps my plants watered. :-)
    A little water and sunshine does the trick!

  4. I'm bad with house-plants too - poor things; not enough light, too much light, not enough water - ever! That is such a pretty pink geranium!

  5. My Grandmother used to look after her geraniums and gave them cold tea to drink..they were green and lush and reluctant to flower, my Mother was busy and a little forgetful and our geraniums used to flower desperately ..perhaps a last gasp to make seed that may survive they used to exchange their plants every few weeks. The plants survived, Grandmother enjoyed the flowers and our plants lived!

    1. It's possible the tea contains nitrogen, which would focus on growth of the green parts of the plant. But, what a novel and charming picture you paint of the two, with their separate ways of tending their plants, and the clever and sensible solution of switching! I love it!