Sunday, October 29, 2017

m&m's and lilacs

As a lifelong chocolate lover, even as a kid, I felt certain they must serve m&m's in Heaven (and hot dogs in Hell, since I have never liked them). 

"I'm sure heaven is bounded by a white picket fence that never needs repainting, and with lilacs always in bloom hanging deep clusters over it."

                                                                 -  Gladys Taber Stillmeadow Daybook


  1. I am sure heaven must be very accommodating! We all have our own idea of what it will be like and what it must have to be heaven for us. There would have to be luscious food that wouldn't upset my stomach and flowers, of course and music!

  2. I've been playing this game/thought experiment with people over the past few months which hinges on a childhood notion I developed in which I heaven is all your favorites all the time and hell is all your least favorites all the time. Such as, "In hell it always smells like..." or "In hell there are only three things on the menu and they are..."

    People have been having fun and I've been learning a lot about what they enjoy and dislike. It is hilarious how sometimes one person's idea of heaven is another's hell. Anyhoo.

    I never liked hot dogs either.

  3. Can I have hot dogs in my heaven too, please?

    1. Oh, certainly, Mike! Just cook them downwind of me....

  4. I bought some M&M's this afternoon to give to trick-or-treaters tonight, but so far I am the only one who has eaten them. I had another big bag of stuff that I'm still handing out. M&M's are darling and certainly were a favorite of my childhood, too!