Monday, August 7, 2017

almost perfect

Our apples are quite small, but getting some red on them. The other day I picked one, then braced myself to cut it open. They're always imperfect in some way - gnarly on the outside, streaky on the inside, but this year they're so smooth-skinned, I had to ease my curiosity about the insides.  It was normal! I hope they stay that way.


  1. Good news! Are they eating apples or cooking ones?

  2. You know, my brother doesn't remember quite what they are. I have previously made batches of applesauce, because they didn't look good, cutting out whatever I could use. This is the first time the appear normal! I suppose we could eat them - I hadn't thought of it until you asked, Clare! :D What a novel idea....

    1. We have an apple tree that is supposed to grow eating apples but I've never yet been able to have more than a bite of one. They are so sharp they set my teeth on edge! Richard has eaten a few of them and says they are sweet and he normally likes sweeter things than me. I will try them again this year; we have had more sunshine so they may be better. :)