Thursday, July 20, 2017

the gladness of every day

I've been very slowly reading some of Charlotte Mason's work - she is revered by many homeschoolers and I find much about human nature and even myself that I didn't think about before.

Anyway, why do some turns of phrase grab the attention so forcefully? At the book's end - the book is Home Education -  her final thoughts are on helping the child to learn about God in a good way, as a father, "...from whom comes all the gladness of every day".  And even though I didn't sleep well and got up too late, I did have gladness today. I didn't rush, went about my work peacefully and was able to do many things.

Yogi came by and I managed to get the camera - gracious, he does not keep still!  But hopefully you can see why I'm so enamored of him. Of course, handsome is as handsome does, and he actually tried to nip me more than once! I think he was over-excited. If he ever got into the house, I know that mayhem would ensue.


These cats have multiplied, and so much so
That they are double the celestial Bears. 
Cats that disport themselves in all-white furs,
Cats that are black and even calico,

And cats with tails and cats quite disentailed.
What I would gladly see (now wouldn't you?)
Is one cat with a hump or curlicue
Like some vain harridan discreetly veiled.

Let laboring mountains cease from all their toil,
For if a mouse were born, poor little brat,
It could not hope to flee so many a cat.

Good housewife, I admonish you to peel
Your eyes and watch the pot about to boil:
Run, look, a cat is carrying off the veal!

Here I must add my bob and wheel.
My sonnet will not have what praise entails
Unless it's like those cats that come with tails.

                                            -  Torquato Tasso (trans. by Lowry Nelson, Jr.)


  1. that is so good, that while you did not sleep well (that's never fun!), you did not rush and the day unfolded to be one that still had some peace in it! I can tell that this cat indeed is handsome!

    1. It's only grace which enables it, though, isn't it? Without that things can really go awry!

  2. Yogi is adorable! He does have that look of being quite willing to create a little mayhem too. :-) By the way, Frodo Baggins is back, and I'm so glad. He's not a roaming Tom, but he will search out a mouse or two in the barn. But I don't think that's where he was...well,only he knows.
    I used Miss Mason's method of teaching while homeschooling my children. I still like to make an occasional entry in my Nature Journal. :-)
    Hope you sleep better tonight. ♡

    1. Oh, I'm awfully glad he's returned, Anne! Where do they go, for Pete's sake? You kind of wonder if somebody doesn't mistakenly take them in for a stray, and then they escape somehow.

  3. Oooooh, I love this post, Lisa ♥. Yogi is *very* handsome--what large amber eyes he has! Charlotte Mason has been my primary inspiration in home schooling my children.

    1. Yes, he's a beauty, and I still hope to get a good front view of his face. I don't know why this homeschooling subject has so much appeal to *me*, but I love it. It's good to hear of so many who have seen the value of the Charlotte Mason method.

  4. I am sorry you have had trouble sleeping recently - I have the same problem and am glad to have four hours sleep at night; more than that is a real blessing! I love days when I can get on with my work peacefully and at my own pace - I always manage to get lots done and end the day happy and calm. These days are rare now that Richard has retired and Elinor isn't at college!
    Yogi does look such a handsome boy!

    1. Clare! I wonder how you manage. I have mild asthma and have discovered that when my lungs are relaxed I can sleep better.

    2. I have asthma too, but not the wheezing kind but the cough which is set off by allergies and hay-fever. I am a very light sleeper and am disturbed by any noise but I always used to be able to go back to sleep. Not now, though. It is probably my age!

  5. That is a lovely phrase about gladness. :-)