Tuesday, May 2, 2017

When I bought this skillet last summer, I did wonder if I wasn't being greedy. After all, I had one very similar at home, one with the same heavy bottom and the same diameter on top.

This Calphalon is narrower at the base and a bit deeper, different enough for all kinds of cooking. and cleans up like a dream. I'm not feeling greedy anymore - I'm glad I bought it!


  1. how lovely! I have a good number of skillets (1 large cast iron, 1 tiny (wedding gifts) 1 medium one (a gift!), my Mother's old aluminium one (such good quality) and I have a small (also a gift) crepe pan! They really do all get used for different things!

  2. A new and quality tool is always a great encouragement to a cook, and that makes it worth a lot!

  3. Anything that makes cooking easier, more enjoyable and is easy to clean is well worth the money!