Tuesday, April 11, 2017

probably Palestrina

They're hearing confessions three evenings this week and we were there last night. On my side we were lined up along the wall, and we kept hearing music - it was Renaissance music - faintly. We realized it came from the speaker nearby. What a brilliant idea! I said to the young man (teenage) in front of me, "nice music!" and he smiled and agreed. It provided the perfect background for Holy Week, and atmosphere for what we were doing there.

Miss Sweetikins had a birthday Sunday.She is twelve but no one could ever tell; she plays like a wild thing.  She and Dolly do not get along, and there's a lot I could say about that but I feel weary at the thought of it. Suffice it to say that Dolly is starting to be tired of staying in seclusion day after day and is coming forth way more than she has in ages.  Thank God!

from Magnificat:

"We have grown accustomed to making a clear distinction between Peter the rock and Peter the denier of Christ - the denier of Christ: that is Peter as he was before Easter; the rock: that is Peter as he was after Pentecost, the Peter of whom we have constructed a singularly idealistic image. But,  in reality, he was at both times both of these..."

                                                 -  Pope Benedict XVI

Like the rest of us.


  1. I like poor Peter so much! He always managed to say the wrong thing at the wrong time and he rushed into things without thinking first. He panicked on that first Good Friday morning as many of us would have done. He made up for it afterwards though!
    I used to have two female cats who didn't get along. Both were rescue cats - one I got as a kitten (Muffin) at the same time as a boy cat (William) and they had lived fairly happily together with me for two years when I took in another homeless cat (Rosie) who had had kittens in my garden shed. She was so cute and grateful for a home but Muffin never liked her. Once, Rosie got shut in the spare room by mistake and I hadn't realised this. Muffin became very affectionate and wanted to sit on my lap (very unlike her) and I was charmed by her behaviour. I then realised that William was very distressed - he was crying and going up a few stairs then coming down again and staring at me. I thought he was trying to tell me something and went towards him and he rushed upstairs and stood outside the spare-room crying. I then discovered Rosie in there. Muffin went off in a huff and didn't want anything more to do with me for ages!

    1. You definitely have some interesting cat stories, Clare! It's a female thing with these cats, or so I've been told. Good think William cared, if Muffin didn't. (we had a Muffin once, too)

      It's easy for us to judge St. Peter, but you are right - we would have done the same!

  2. I also meant to say that the music must have been lovely to listen to while waiting for confession. What a good idea!

    1. So much so that I checked out a Palestrina CD at work yesterday; it's playing now!