Wednesday, March 22, 2017

an instant breakfast

For some time, I've been making overnight oats for my breakfasts on work days. There are many recipes online, but mine is always the same. Into a pint mason jar I put:

  • 2/3 cup rolled oats
  • a pinch of pumpkin pie spice, or maybe cocoa powder
  • some raisins, dried cherries or whatever
  • a couple of blobs of natural peanut butter
  • almond milk
I like mine liquidy, so use plenty of the almond milk.  Stir up with a butter knife, add more milk, screw on the lid and shake. Make the night before you want it.

Three times a week, and I haven't tired of it yet.


  1. I've been having the same breakfast for about the last 3 years...and still enjoy it !! xx

  2. Sounds yummy! I haven't tried overnight oatmeal, but I do eat cold oatmeal a few times a week. In the morning I just put uncooked rolled oats in a bowl with some fruit and nuts and cover it with milk. A 1/2 hour later it's al dente soft and ready to eat. I prefer it to cooked oatmeal.

    1. Oh, it's so much nicer than gloppy, cooked oatmeal!

  3. So many advantages of these no-cook versions, over oatmeal made in a pot. All the recipes I read sound good!

  4. I don't mind cooked oats/porridge but I much prefer uncooked oats or muesli with dried or fresh fruit and nuts. I'm fortunate than I don't have any food allergies. There are plenty of foods that I can't eat because they upset my stomach especially after years of taking strong drugs and pain-killers so I love my breakfast which fills me up and doesn't make me ill.

  5. I keep reading about overnight oats. I thought they must be cooked in the morning. I must give them a try, as your recipe sounds so good.