Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Henry's very little adventure

If it were any other cat, you would be right in wondering why I would post this at all. But Henry isn't one hundred percent cat, and so when he scrambled up onto the back of a chair, it was sort of a big deal.

I'd been shopping and left a few bags on the chair, where he sometimes likes to nap. I was so surprised when he was suddenly up so high - Henry, who doesn't like being up high.

He realized he had a good view out the front door.

But as he began to wonder what ever had possessed him, I cleared off the chair, and he came down. And that was that.


  1. I can almost read his thoughts in the second photo...

    "? how did I get up here??" :) xx

  2. I used to have a very fluffy cat, who must have had a bit of Persian in her somewhere, who wouldn't jump up anywhere either - or so I thought. I discovered that she did jump up when no-one was looking but only if there was something she really wanted to eat was on a worktop in the kitchen. On one occasion she stole an apricot flapjack which had me really worried about her digestion as she was usually very fussy and delicate. I needn't have worried! Another time she stole a sugar-coated jam doughnut! You should have seen the mess!

    1. Isn't that funny, because I've read that cats can't taste sweet. It must have looked good to her, definitely!

  3. You have one of those cats, too? Ginger is no climber. Almost every cat I've had loves being up high. Johnny certainly does. Finer might like it a touch more than Henry. She gets up on the picnic table in the back yard. But, she much prefers slinking about under the coffee table, say, while Johnny sits on top of it.

    Henry is such a striking chap!

  4. That's a great little story :-) I notice that you've shared other Adventures of Henry and I will go look at them now. I like that cat.