Monday, December 12, 2016

snow, and some wrapping, but maybe no ornaments

I said it was supposed to snow last week, but the snow didn't appear. Last night, however, it did!

And it covered the ground, and was still there this morning, but then it turned to rain and melted eventually.  But it was enough to make me play some Gabrieli brass music, for a festive air. And I made cookies. There is not enough time to do everything.

I got the tree up yesterday, and in a different spot than usual - you can see it from the kitchen. I had to shift around only a couple of things and it's all so perfect! We'll never put it in the corner again. It needed a garland, so I decided to use my precious length of wide red satin ribbon - it's just barely long enough. I told my brother that I'd eventually get around to the ornaments, but not yet. He surprised me by saying he didn't care if I left them off, because he likes it. That's how I feel! I'll take them out next week, but don't know what I'll do with them. Dolly and Henry love to lay under there, ornaments or not.

I've been wrapping one thing each day, and it's working out pretty well. Better than getting overwhelmed.


  1. I should start wrapping! Also, I got my tree up today, but I might just let it be lights-only for a few days.... maybe until I wrap a few gifts? Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. How interesting! I've just decided the same thing with my ornaments! I do have lights on it, but when they are not lit (which is most of the time) it just looks like a bare tree...just the way I like it!! ormanents for me either :)

    Oh...and I made cookies today too!!! Anzac biscuits :))

    Great minds and all that.... xx

    1. Yes. :) I know those cookies are famous in your area.

  3. I have yet to start my wrapping and I know I'll be doing a lot of it at the last minute! The ribbon-covered tree sounds wonderful! We haven't bought our tree yet - maybe this weekend?