Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Santa's favorite cookie

Santa came in the library today. It was Santa Claus himself - he couldn't have been anyone else; a full, snowy beard, and a Santa hat. Except it wasn't red.

His shirt was tan plaid flannel, and the hat was also tan or some other neutral color; I got the idea he was having some time off. There was a lady with him who was researching something, and he stayed quietly nearby. When she approached me to ask a question, I said, sotto voce, "He needs to get back to the North Pole!" She assured me he was working Very Hard, so I let it go. She would know better than I, wouldn't she?

As they left, I called out, " 'bye, Santa!" He turned to me and, with a thumbs up, said, "Remember - chocolate chip!"

You heard it here.


  1. Chocolate chip! We have always left him a mince pie but if he prefers chocolate chip well...... ;)

    1. Clare, I can imagine Father Christmas eating a mince pie! Not this guy, though. :D

  2. In the days when Santa came to our house, we didn't ever have cookies of any kind around to leave for him, and he apparently had manners enough not to make us feel bad about that. He always ate the pie we left him, too!