Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas at the library

Well, we had lots of fun decorating the library last week, and I got some pictures.

We copied this from pinterest, and it looks almost the same.   The topper up close -

these page trees were on each end cap in adult fiction and non-fiction - twelve in all.

The main tree in front of the big window isn't that big, but Katie found a very large star in her basement (the girl is BIG on decorating, and good at it), which made a huge difference hanging above it.

I found it difficult to get a good photo of this, but it draws the eye very well; also looks beautiful at night driving by. All the ornaments are made of book pages: fancy star/snowflakes, a paper chain and little banner. Also, Cheryl found some ornaments she'd made a few years ago, clear balls with curled paper inside.

For a small tree, I made several of these -

we were running out of time, and those were quick and easy.

Here's how Katie's small book tree ended up -


At the end of the hall, we put another tree with some blue lights, then somebody made some stars.

Just right.

A menorah display near the elevator

and a book menorah, too

made with the Encyclopedia of Judaica, which happened to be dark blue. 

Trisha did a good job with the columns in the children's department.

Now they have pale blue snowflakes on them. And two columns downstairs plus one upstairs are nutcrackers.

Doesn't he look great? Katie did most of it. You can see here in the background how effective that big star is on the main tree.

A rather scrawny tree got a funky look with just two ornaments on it

Can you tell what they say?  Read and Books. And that's all for now. 


  1. Oh Lisa! These decorations are wonderful! If I lived in your town I'd be in your library every day!

  2. I am completely charmed by the decorations. I had been wondering what I would do with all my stacks of books all over the house, when I have 20 family members filling the house come Christmas - maybe I can make them into "trees" and decorate them! Thanks for the fun ideas!

    1. And it might be fun to get your guests to help make some ornaments, too. If you need to give them an occupation of some kind. ;-)

  3. So much work, Lisa! It must delight everyone who visits.

    1. We are getting lots of compliments, Val. It's nice.

  4. Wow! Your library gets a A+ (or a gold star, if you prefer) for all this merriment and fun!! We did a book tree one year--though not nearly so well as yours!! And what a good way to make use of some old, busted up books--ornaments and trees! The menorah is a wonderful inclusion! I like all of it a whole lot. Good work, library team.