Saturday, July 16, 2016

making space

There aren't many personal things of my mother's which I am able to use, but it's nice when there are.

She had this pink-striped canvas-covered accordion file for clippings, and it's perfect for the magazine articles from the large stack of Magazines Which I Thought I Had to Keep. Turns out I don't, and even after tearing out what I couldn't bear to part with, it all fits in here easily, to my Great Surprise. How some things change!


  1. Aww, that's nice. I have a few things of moms, like the rug on our sunroom floor. It's getting a little frayed at the ends, but it's here for the long term. :-) I had a stack of magazines too ~ ended up throwing them all out ~ and then ordering a back issue of one I had had a couple years later!:-)
    Enjoy your day!♥

  2. Yes, I have been pondering such change too!

  3. I had a heap of magazines I thought I couldn't be without and went through them a couple of years ago and kept just a couple of articles! I was very surprised and quite pleased with myself. That is a very attractive file - a nice reminder of your mother.

  4. It's funny and interesting how things change - I think it was just over a year ago when I went through them all, and still felt I had to keep them. I guess that means I'm growing. ;-)