Thursday, June 9, 2016

tomato ready

I seem to start my indoor seeds later than I should. These tomato plants won't be ready till mid August. But I am always afraid they'll get too big before I can put them in the ground, and I'll have to keep moving them to bigger pots in the greenhouse.  These San Marzanos will soon be too large for their yogurt containers, but today was so cool and windy - I couldn't plant them.



  1. I just planted 3 tomato plants. I usually have them in the ground the 1st of May. The seasons are so different this year.
    Enjoy your weekend! ♥

    1. That makes me feel better, Anne, from a real gardener. :)

  2. It is often a waste to plant seeds too early. Plants usually catch up quite quickly once the temperature is right for them. I am just about to plant runner bean plants outside and I have some Swiss chard that will be ready to plant in a week's time.

  3. Hi Lisa, just catching up again, hope you get some warm weather soon, I managed to plant some Broadbean seeds a month ago and they are doing well now.
    We went from a long Summer to Winter in 1 week.....a bit of a shock to the system !
    Yesterday we had Rhonda at our new local library for her final book talk before she retires, so nice to catch up with her and Hanno again.I bought the new book and well settle myself on the deck in the sun with a coffee when I get back from the markets this morning,
    Nanna Chel put some pics up on the Knitting forum last night.
    Have a lovely weekend.