Saturday, June 11, 2016

"O lovely cat"

"As when light on the ocean turns to haze
And violent gales make waters froth and vie,
Up to the flaming stars that light the sky
The weary night-time pilot turns his gaze.

So do I turn, O lovely cat, in my
Dire fortune to thy holy orbs of sight
And fancy that before me are alight
Two stars as welcome as the northwind dry.

I see another kitten and you seem
The Greater and the Lesser Bear: O cats,
The lanterns of my room, beloved cats:

As God may keep you safe from blows malign,
As Heaven may furnish you with meat and cream,
O give me light to write these songs of mine!"

                           -  Cats, by Torquato Tasso, trans. by Lowry Nelson, Jr.


  1. Tasso really adored his cats! Such a loving poem.

  2. Well, how fantastic is that?! Thanks for sharing.