Saturday, April 2, 2016

how do you iron a wool sweater?

Forget the cat hairs. I love this sweater, a good sale from Garnet Hill. It's lambswool, so I wash it in a big pan and lay it flat on a dresser in the spare room till dry. And it gets wrinkled. Then, what?

Fact 1: Wrinkled things don't iron out without some water. Fact two: I know that if you get wool wet, and squeeze it, it will felt and be ruined. Fact three: There is a "wool" setting on the iron.  So I have to gulp and do it: spray the thing with water and then apply the heat.  It works, pretty much. All the wrinkles do not come out, but I'm afraid of overdoing it.  Wool is a funny and interesting substance.

Now, where's the sticky roller?


  1. I have a love hate relationship with wool. Suiting wool I just love, though!

  2. Lay a damp cloth over it (like a wet tea towel that has been rung out) and then iron over the cloth. It gives it extra steam and should get the wrinkles out. xx