Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Dolly's cushion

I guess you really can get used to anything, because it's been going rather well, this shifting and herding of cats. Except for one episode last week, when I was careless and let Dolly out of a room before I knew where Tootsie was. Before we knew it, she had Dolly pinned down on the living room floor.

a favorite spot - on top of the fridge

There is a nice, thick chair pad on a Windsor chair in a corner of the living room, and Dolly will often sleep there. One day, when it was time to put her in a bedroom so Tootsie could come up, I got the bright idea to take her, cushion and all, into the room. 

It is perfectly Dolly-sized, and she absolutely loves it. Most of the time, she'll stay on it, wherever you place it.  I take her in my brother's room - she stays and sleeps on it.  I bring her out and onto the living room window sill, and she stays there, too.

You know how cats like be on a defined space? Well, if it's also comfy, so much the better!

This cushion is our saving grace lately. And we've passed the halfway mark. Two and a half weeks to go. 


  1. what a mercy! how lovely to have realized this! it's a lovely cushion :)

  2. I'm glad Dolly has her cushion for a bit of comfort. Oh how nice it would be if Tootsie could be just a bit sweeter.
    Dolly always looks like such a lady.

  3. A birthday throne. :) How sweet she is.

  4. Dolly has claimed her cushion space!

  5. Oh your sweet kitties! I love it when they are on top of the fridge. They really can find some interesting places to rest.

  6. Cats are so funny about their "spot", aren't they? I think it's pretty neat that Dolly's "spot" is portable. :) I'm glad that things are going well with the house guest.

  7. I am so pleased it's all going well. Dolly looks so cosy on her cushion.