Thursday, March 31, 2016

a made up dinner

I left even thinking about dinner until late afternoon today;  I guess I was hoping that totalled up, the leftovers would amount to something tasty. And, they did!

What I had: some jars of homemade vegetable stock, leftover non-meat gravy, a few brightly colored bell peppers, a small portion of leftover minestrone, salmon in cans, rice, pasta.  I was getting an idea!  I sliced and slow-cooked the peppers in olive oil with a little onion powder, meanwhile heating the gravy. That was too thick and I added stock a few times, until finally I went and threw in the minestrone, which was no more than a cup and a half.

I cooked a pot of thin spaghetti, tossed some shredded parmesan into the sauce, and served the pasta, with peppers on top, chunks of salmon right out of the can (minus skin and bones) and that nice gravy.

And salad.  An inspiration!


  1. I love it when things come together like that. Congratulations on your successful "cooking from the hip" experience! It looks and sounds great.

  2. I agree with Jenny - it's so satisfying when left-overs and things from the store-cupboard just happen to go really well together. I have done this a few times and they have become so successful I have to cook them on a regular basis now. Your meal looks and sounds great - congratulations Lisa!

  3. And, when my brother had his dinner (he works later), he said it was as good as the gourmet restaurant down the street. He said I could make it any time! But I could never replicate it, because I used what I had around. :D

    1. What a lovely compliment! I had some trouble trying to remember what I had included in my made-up dinner so that I could attempt to cook it again! :D