Sunday, February 28, 2016

Psalm 42

We sang this today at Mass:

As the deer longs for flowing streams,
so longs my soul for You, O God.
My soul does thirst for the living God;
when shall I come to see Your face?

My tears have fed me day and night
while some have said, "Where is your God?"
But I recall, as my soul pours dry,
the days of praise within Your house.

Why do I mourn and toil within
when it is mine to hope in God?
I shall again sing praise to Him;
He is my help - He is my God.

and this is the best version I found, if you want to hear the melody.


  1. I love this one! The melody is a lovely folk song tune.

    1. Yes! O Waly, Waly! I've had a tape of the Cambridge Singers singing part-songs, etc., and it's on there, so I know it well. There are many beautiful melodies in folk music.