Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"In the story of Cinderella, there is a theology of Lent."

"The name, Cinderella, itself already says most of it. Literally it means 'the young girl who sits in the cinders'. Moreover, as the tale makes plain, before the glass slipper is placed on her foot, before the beautiful gown, ball, dance, and marriage, there must first be a period of being humbled.

The Church taps into this deep well of wisdom when it puts ashes on our foreheads at the beginning of Lent. Lent is a season for each of us to sit in the ashes, waiting while some silent growth takes place within us, and simply being still so that the ashes can do their work in us."

                                                    -  Fr. Ron Rolheiser


  1. Now there's a thought ~ I'll always remember this when I come across Cinderella. Like parsley reminding us of the Holy
    Trinity ~ each stem has three leaves ~ 3-in-1 ~ Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I did a post on that a long time ago. :-)
    Have a good day!!

    1. Parsley! Now, that's interesting. I've heard it's the shamrock.
      (I must look at parsley more closely!)

    2. Yep! The shamrock too!

  2. Oh, I like this quote very much. It's one for the notebook--thanks for sharing!

  3. A great quote! I quite enjoy Lent; it's a quiet, thoughtful time. We were told the word Lent comes from an old word meaning spring. A time of growth.