Sunday, December 13, 2015

the birthday

In case anyone wondered how my birthday went - it was very, very nice.

It started out, on the day, with a cake baked by a co-worker - birthday people always get a cake where I work - and it was a good one: chocolate, with pudding and sour cream in the batter, plus chocolate chips. And cream cheese frosting!  Yes, that was a big hit. Later, my brother got out of work early and picked up our dinners from a favorite deli in the next town. I got their mac 'n cheese, which is excellent.

The next day Debra treated me to lunch at our favorite brunch place. So much charm there

and even outside the place.

I had crab cakes! Deb had fancy French toast, with white chocolate and raspberries!

Later, two consignment shops - one with prices more like a tag sale, and I saw a metal angel with great personality.

One dollar. And a handful of linen napkins for three.

On Sunday, my generous brother picked up Nancy and Eileen  and the four of us went to the city, to the art museum, which has recently re-opened their cafe. So, a nice dinner there, and then a wander around the place to see the paintings, and their annual Christmas tree festival.

That's Nancy in the plaid skirt. She was stopped twice and complimented on her attire. (red tights, too!) She looked so festive.   

I wanted my picture taken with Vincent.

But I forgot to look at the camera. ahem.

This is a modern art area on a higher floor. Looking down, we were able to see a concert by a local black church choir. Such singing! It seemed like each one did a solo - they were all that good.

We so enjoyed the day!  And, I was successfully distracted from thinking about turning sixty. ;-)


  1. Happy, happy birthday wishes! It looks like you had a lovely celebration with good friends. That cake does sound yummy (and the crab cakes, too). Vincent van Gogh is my favorite artist. Lisa, what a pretty lady you are. Your hair is gorgeous.

  2. lovely to see a picture of you! very nice! you look very young! many years!!!! glad you have such nice friends and family!

  3. Great pictures Lisa and I'm glad you had such a lovely birthday celebration.

  4. That sounds like a WONDERFUL way to celebrate another turn around the sun! (And you know, I am not sure I've ever seen your lovely face before! How nice to be able to picture you now as I read about your kitties and such.)

  5. just delightful! and happy birthday, Lisa!

  6. You look great! Looks like a lovely way to celebrate your birthday. I turn 60 in April and kind of dread it, but then it really is a blessing to have birthdays. All the best for the new year!

  7. You are still young! And I also am happy to see photos of you, looking so beautiful, with lovely locks. :-)