Tuesday, December 1, 2015

"the ancient dream of peace"

Behold a broken world, we pray,
Where want and war increase,
And grant us, Lord, in this our day,
The ancient dream of peace.

A dream of swords to sickles bent,
Of spears to scythe and spade,
The weapons of our warfare spent,
A world of peace remade.

O Prince of peace, who died to save,
A lost world to redeem,
And rose in triumph from the grave,
Behold our waking dream.

Bring, Lord, your better world to birth,
Your kingdom, love's domain;
Where peace with God, and peace on earth,
And peace eternal reign.

             -  from Magnificat, December 2015


  1. That is pretty incredible work right there. Cute kitties, too.

    1. I have to admit that when I took this photo, I was annoyed that Henry had jumped up so close to Dolly - I chastised him for crowding her. And, surprisingly, she didn't whack him for it. They ended up being peacefully there, together. Then tonight, it seemed an apt image for the text. I take pictures and don't always know what for. :)