Monday, December 7, 2015

Henry eats a blueberry

There's no picture of it; it happened so fast. The blueberry container tumbled out of the fridge and they were all over the place. He seized his opportunity, and ate one.

I never give fruit to the cats; it can't be good for them - they don't show interest in it, anyway - cats can't taste sweet. So it's kinda funny that Henry ate this blueberry.

He's not saying if he liked it. He's not saying anything. But I say, "Henry, you'll eat a blueberry, but you won't eat my homemade roast chicken, or baked fresh fish." Really.


  1. This is a hilarious story, Lisa, I loved it! Especially the picture of Henry--oh, the expression on his face. It looks like he's thinking, "That was weird."

  2. I've been surprised by the things Ginger wants to try. Henry is a gorgeous kitty.