Friday, November 27, 2015

little neighbors

Two little mice surprised me when I went to (finally) empty my composter for the garden; it's been so mild I felt no urgency. I'd disturbed their slumbers!

They were so cute, and seemed unafraid of me. Or, too paralyzed by fear. Either way, I actually ran in the house to get my camera and they were still there!

You can see that I was quite close, and I apologized profusely. I wanted to shoo them back in and wait till spring to use the compost, but then one jumped away and down the driveway, and the other followed.

Over at the garden I looked up and saw that I was being watched.

But he hadn't seen the mice.


  1. How cute! Mice make me smile, even the rare (two?) times I've seen them in my home. Stuffed caught one at our old apartment, and I saw one sitting inside the stove--under a burner!--at a college apartment years ago. How dear they are! How fun that they were still there after you came back with your camera, Lisa!

  2. They are cuties Lisa. I'm glad they waited for the paparazzi before making their getaway.

  3. Sooooo cute! I know it's weird, but I like mice. This is a wonderful story in words and pictures, Lisa.. : )

    I have a mice story, too: In the warm months we keep our winter boots stored in a big rubbermaid bin in the garage. Last year when my husband took the bin down and opened the lid, a family of mice came skittering out. Apparently they had made their home in our boots! I had a bit of cleaning to do, but otherwise there was no real damage to the boots.

  4. They are so cute! I am so surprised they stuck around long enough for a photo op! They like our compost pile, too. Warm and cozy in the winter and specked with things to nibble on. It must be a sort of mouse paradise. Ginger hangs out nearby quite often. She's gotten a couple which is interesting in its way while also being totally brutal.