Sunday, November 8, 2015

Blessed through all eternity

I am like the pathetic sheep...
which strayed into inaccessible hills
and wandered in a daze among beastly demons
and fierce idols, without the slightest chance of
returning to the fold. Although my tongue was lost
for words to tell my anguish, and my hands
lacked the agility to communicate like the mute,
still you found me, you who alone
are praised from beginning to end
throughout the generations.

You found me, a sinner, lost in darkness
crying like the psalmist in prayer,
and because of your willing care
you were called Shepherd, for not only
did you care, but you sought,
not only did you find, O worker of miracles,
but with the goodness of your love,
a love that defies description,
you rescued me,
lifting me upon your shoulders,
to set down alongside your heavenly army,
the heirs to your fatherly legacy....

And forgiving my stubborn defiance,
O long-suffering, merciful, blessed one,
be truly generous and forgive me all at once,
wiping out my unrepayable debts
and the crushing interest which has accrued,
for you have no wrath in your heart, nor vexation,
nor deceit, nor traces of darkness,
for you wish only life and light....

So deliver me with your mercy,
O fount of loving kindness,
who alone are blessed through all eternity,

                                                                    -  Saint Gregory of Narek  

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