Friday, November 13, 2015

a simple button

Right before the warm weather arrived, I finished the Lily Linen dress pattern from Tessuti Fabrics. I made it in a light corduroy and so was only able to wear it once, until it recently got cool again.

It has a wide neckline and I have narrow shoulders, so it gaped and I didn't like it. I looked through my online pins, and saw this (the third photo). I love it. At first glance, you think she is wearing something way too big for her, and just found this overlarge safety pin which happens to make it all look fabulous. But the bottom seems to fit, so I guess it was made that way. It's terrific anyhow. And I wouldn't mind trying that idea out on a very large knit top of some kind, maybe. But, my dress. This kind of thing could work there! - but something more permanent than a pin.

I thought of tacking it down with an embroidery stitch or two, but the truth is, I'm not much at embroidery. A button!  Suddenly, it came to me. I dug around and found the one I had which looked best, but nothing special. And, voila!  I really like it.

excuse the clumsy selfie

I wore it today and no more gaping. And even though it's not in the center, nothing seemed lopsided. Yes!


  1. Love the color and the off center button. Would love to see all of you in it though. Thinks is wonderful that you found time to make a dress. Good job Lisa :)

    Happy today!

    Mama to 8
    One homemade and 7 adopted