Sunday, September 13, 2015

while she sleeps

Sshhhhh.   While Dolly is sleeping, I'll tell you a little story.

You have heard this story before, in different versions; so if you're not a cat lover go ahead and change the channel.  But we don't seem to tire of it, because Dolly is our little princess.

Anyway, I was in the kitchen last evening, the dishes draining, baking a few cookies, and it was around eight I guess. I'd heard my brother say something to Dolly so I knew she'd gone into his room to sleep for the night. The radio was on in the kitchen.

They were playing oldies and standards, but when they announced they were going to play "Honey" by Bobby Goldsborough, that was it. Said I, "there's a limit to what I'll listen to!", and I shut it off and switched on the cd player.

I've been bringing home jazz cds from the library, and what was in there was the Dave Brubeck Quartet - Jazz at Oberlin.  The first track is "These Foolish Things (remind me of you)", and you immediately hear Paul Desmond's smooth saxophone.  

my brother:  Is the radio on?

me: No!  They were playing "Honey" - I shut it off and turned on the player.

bro: The instant Dolly heard it, she woke up and sat up - she's listening to it.

I went to his room. There she was, sitting up perkily on his bed with her head tilted, reminding me so much of the little RCA Victor dog - remember him?  

I guess they sell statuettes of him - and this is just how she was looking

me: For Pete's sake, am I going to have to buy her the collected works of Paul Desmond and Stan Getz for Christmas?  (Dear Readers, I already bought her Trane's Blue Train - must we own every jazz saxophone classic ever recorded?)  

Of course not - I'm joking about that, but whenever this happens, no matter how often, we can't help laughing in amazement. She just loves those saxtones.  Funny girl.


  1. LOL ~ that's too funny!

  2. Dolly appreciates fine music! I'm not good with what's on the radio very long myself!