Friday, September 4, 2015

the cat who loves greens that much

Did I ever mention how Tootsie loves greens?  Like a rabbit. Back when she lived with us, I was concerned that she'd eaten some long green thing which I feared was an elastic band. Turns out it was a corn husk which had fallen near the fridge. So, I gave her some more. I said corn husks. She ate them. I waited for consequences. There were none.  (by the way, I've never know her to throw up, in the common way of cats - ahem)

I would never give corn husks to Dolly or Henry. (well, they wouldn't eat them, anyway) But there's something about the little Tootsie-cat  - my brother says she's like a street kid, and I think it's apt. I could give her a three inch piece of lettuce - and I have - and it would disappear into her mouth as if she were a bunny. She gets all excited when she hears the rustle of greens.

So yesterday I couldn't see the onion greens in the garden so I decided to pull them out. Well, I'm not sure they are any larger than when I planted the sets - but I don't really know what I'm doing in the garden, anyway.

When she realized there were greens, she jumped onto the counter. These were greens I didn't want her to have! I have heard that onions and garlic can make a cat very sick. So, down she went. But she sure wanted up again.

The onions are now in a bowl atop the secretary.  Otherwise, she's been a good girl.

The End.


  1. our mo used to love anything green also--If i brought a bag of corn into the house he was immediately at it chewing on the husks--and you know what he did to cut flowers!