Monday, July 20, 2015

thinking ahead

It struck me yet again the other day how helpful it is to have some things made up ahead of time.

Like pie crust dough. There was a little in the freezer for a while, and I decided I should take it out and use it. So, it was in the fridge when I got some fresh blueberries. Enough to make a bottom crust; I treated the top like a crisp. It took so little time!

I need to take a day each month, size up the situation, and make up batches of things like biscuits, pizza dough, pie crust dough, pancake mix; browned hamburg ready for chili, meatballs. That would be nice.


  1. Well done and so true! Although I confess, I've never quite mastered the pie crust. It always turns out fine ... but never perfect. Seems like you've got it down!

    1. My crusts often look a mess, because I make an oil crust, and they're too soft to work with nicely. When I used Crisco (horrors!) I was able to crimp the edges and make it look pretty. I've been wondering if I should change to a butter recipe; I've been thinking about the smoke point of cooking oils.

  2. it is such a nice idea to be able to get ahead on things; this is my dream too, one day...

  3. YES! I always tell Mike our life would be totally different if we had a freezer big enough to store more. I dream of having a deep-freeze someday. The freezer and fridge that came with this apartment are both quite small--barely enough room for what we do keep in them, and certainly no room to make things ahead and store them. Someday! This seems like the kind of project--or better, routine--you would really get into, Lisa, yes.

  4. Oh, it is so very nice to have something done ahead, even if it is just "bits and pieces!" It is the way I managed to return to the classroom when the girls were in middle school. I often used extra week-end time for prep for meals ahead. We had dinner together every night! Not the norm these days - nor was it the norm in those days, either! Would love to help you enjoy that blueberry crisp!:-) As to nightshades, our daughter has determined she does better if she omits all of them. Sad about the potatoes.:( When she was a child, she loved "smashed" potatoes.