Sunday, July 5, 2015

jar of spools

I keep my thread in a basket; a drawer, actually. But there are a lot of very small spools which are better kept together, so they've been in a bag and the whole thing just gets stuffed into this drawer, which barely closes because it's too full. Anyway, enter Pinterest, and an idea for putting these little spools in a jar! And I had just the jar for this -

ahhh - perfect!


  1. How very attractive! I've a few of those drawers that are too full here.:-) There is blueberry pie leftover. You are welcome to come for some!

  2. I keep lots of my small sewing things in jars - spools, ribbons, pieces of lace... it's so much neater!

    1. So do I - knitting needles, buttons, all sorts of things! But a large jar of spools never occurred to me. 8-)