Saturday, June 13, 2015

knitting in public

Well, I didn't know this till later in the day, but today is World Wide Knit in Public Day. Did you know that?  I had no plans to go out, so I made a point of sitting out on the back step for a while.  Next to the old watering can, with the sweet scent of the wild roses nearby.

But I don't think anyone saw me.  I've picked up my hand warmers again - I'd finished one, but then got sidetracked on them till the other day.

I've been reading The Princes in the Tower, by Alison Weir. All the to-do about Richard III's skeleton gave me a keen interest in the subject; then I discovered we had a book about it at the library. There are apparently many written since the discovery. It all happened so long ago - you kind of would like to think everybody's been wrong about him. I also read Josephine Tey's Daughter of Time - I did enjoy that and was beginning to really believe Richard wasn't the monster of history, but... Alison Weir thinks differently. In fact, she says she used to think he was innocent, too. Until she started digging (no pun meant). So, I'm feeling my disappointment rise as I read along. She deals in facts; it seems Richard's defenders deal mostly in emotion. Oh, well.

Joining Ginny's yarnalong.


  1. lovely to see this beautiful colour and a yarn along post! :) I remember reading and loving J. Tey's book on him! Vivid memories coming back...

  2. "World Wide Knit in Public Day"?! Wish I had known, I would have knitted outside that day.:-)
    Richard is very interesting!
    Have a good week! ♥

  3. Isn't it difficult to knit when the weather is so warm? We set a record high today of 97 degrees!

    1. You know, for some reason it isn't bothering me this year. In the past, I wouldn't bother. And these are a small project, anyway.