Wednesday, June 24, 2015

John the Baptist

Today was the feast of St. John the Baptist.

"Why does the church celebrate the birthday of John the Baptist? Because "John surpasses all the prophets, of whom he is the last".  He "goes before [the Lord] in the spirit and power of Elijah". John the Baptist "is the Lord's immediate precursor or forerunner, sent to prepare his way," who "inaugurates the Gospel...from his mother's womb". John the Baptist "proclaims the imminence of the consolation of Israel, he is the 'voice' of the Consoler who is coming". With John the Baptist, the Holy Spirit begins the restoration to man of the 'divine likeness'."

                                                   - from Magnificat, June 2015, quotes from the Cathechism of the Catholic Church

Michael York as the Baptist from Jesus of Nazareth

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