Sunday, June 7, 2015

a little journey into India

Yesterday, in Leila's weekly Bits and Pieces, she linked to an article on how technology has affected our modern textile industry; but I have to say I only glanced at the essay because a video link on the side caught my attention.

A fourteen minute journey into India, where you meet women who work in factories where cast-off clothing from western countries such as France, Italy and the U.S. are gathered, shredded up and re-woven into threads again. A seemingly massive undertaking. One beautiful woman in particular named Reshma does much of the talking; she's never traveled, never apparently even seen a Westerner, but she's very curious about a people who throw away so much clothing, much of which looks like it's never been worn. These women work cheerfully and smilingly at these factories where the only beauty to be seen is themselves: their colorful clothing, jewelry and their beautiful smiles. I've always loved the way Indian women dress - so feminine. These look like bright flowers blooming in a dump.

I don't know what groups are sending these clothes over there, but it's a wonderful thing to know that someone is trying to counteract wastefulness. Watch it, and you may see yourself in a slightly different light. It's an eye-opener.

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  1. wow. thanks for this. they are so beautiful. we have much to be aware of and pray. Lord have mercy.