Sunday, May 3, 2015

a jar of grape hyacinths

Grape hyacinth comes up every year by itself, next to the rose bushes.  There was so much of it yesterday in among the overlong grasses; when I realized my brother would just cut them down with the weed-wacker, I cut them down before him and brought them inside.

I looked for a pretty vase, but they truly look better in a mason jar.


  1. What a gorgeous photo! Do you think this is an especially good year for grape hyacinth? I'm seeing it everywhere right now.

    1. Thank you - it may be; I don't know much about their growth patterns. Are they bulbs, like regular hyacinths? I think of bulbs as just multiplying over time. (but what do I know? I think I'll have to look them up.)

  2. The mason jar is perfect. And so are those beauties. We usually have many in the bed along the driveway, but not this year. Our flowers have been all sort of out of whack though. It was an odd winter.