Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Pinterest recipes: Homemade chicken and broccoli casserole

I think it was Leila who provided a link to this recipe, which uses a homemade version of cream of celery soup. I followed it more or less, but used all broth rather than any milk.

It would be a good way to use leftovers, with a layer of broccoli (or other veg) on the bottom, and chicken layered over it. Then, two cups of the soup, mixed with mayonnaise, lemon juice and a bit of curry powder. Grated cheddar over all - and I'm sure I used extra because I had it - and bread crumbs because I didn't have panko.

Quite delicious!  And with the mayo - very filling. I didn't need to serve a starch with this; just some cut-up cukes and it was fine. And more for tomorrow.


  1. oh that looks quite lovely! :) yum!

  2. Chicken and Broccoli Casserole! One of our favorites! Yum!