Saturday, April 4, 2015

"mysterious cross"

The regal dark mysterious cross
In song is lifted high,
The wood on which the Son of Man
Was stretched against the sky.

Upon this wood his body bore
The nails, the taunts, the spear,
Till water flowed with blood to wash
The whole world free of fear.

At last the song that David sang
Is heard and understood:
Before the nations God as king
Reigns from his throne of wood.

O blessed Tree, upon whose arms
The world's own ransom hung;
His body pays our debt, and life
From Satan's grasp is wrung.

O sacred Cross, our steadfst hope,
In this our Passiontide,
Through you the Son obtained for all
Forgiveness as he died.

                              -  from Magnificat, April 2015

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