Monday, April 20, 2015

little jar of honey

I'm not entirely clear on why honey crystallizes - something I read says the cold can make it happen. That makes sense, but I also wonder if moisture getting inside the jar can cause it; I try to keep it away from my steaming cups of tea.

Realizing that it's best to get it out of there at the first signs, after heating the container in hot water, the honey got scooped into a conveniently charming little mason jar which says "Garden" on it. Delightful!


  1. lovely picture and honey jar is lovely!!! ps: my feedly reader is not working today and I thought you may have posted and sure enough here you are with a new post! :)

  2. I appreciate your visit to my blog, Lisa. Our choir director was an amazing person and an exceptional director! All three of our daughters also sang in the choir under his direction, and he took the choir to Salzburg, Vienna, and Budapest during that time.

    I have some honey that has long-needed to be warmed and taken from the jar! I just haven't made that a priority. I'm glad you were successful with yours.

    Sending hugs!

  3. We buy our honey from a local apiary--by the gallon. It always crystallizes--several times before we're through with it, actually. Its always so magical to return that sweet nectar back to its liquid state. I am not sure as to why it happens though. The sunlight through that jar makes it quite golden and wonderful to the eye.

  4. Oh yum, that honey looks so good in the sunlight, mine goes candied in the cold too, I wonder if making it into creamed honey would stop that, have to look up how it is done.
    In spring I get awful hayfever, but last year I read that if you can use local honey it will stop a lot of the symptoms, and it really works, I got some from an apiary 4klms away and didn't suffer much at all.

    1. Yes, Margaret! That has also been my experience. I try to keep local honey around all the time.