Friday, March 13, 2015


for St. Patrick's Day, with my little statue I bought on Etsy.


  1. oh how nice! and giving the blessing of peace! I love St. Patrick!! his day will be in about 2 weeks for us, since we are on the Julian calendar! may we have his prayers and blessing!! (we have a nice icon of him at our church too!)

  2. Here in Oz we have lots of Irish celebrations for St Patricks day and it is also the day to plant Sweet Peas , ready for the colder weather.
    Hope you are getting a little bit of warm now, we are stil having high 20's to mid 30's here, but there is a small chill in the air when the sun goes down and early in the morning. Just as well.....getting sick of all my hot weather clothes.

    1. Margaret - you live in Oz? :D
      Anyway, our temps have gone up a bit, and yesterday we had much rain, but... there is still plenty of snow left - it's everywhere. Instead of three and a half feet of it, we now have maybe a foot and a half. But, my rose bushes are completely in the clear, so I'll be able to prune without any trouble. But I fear the snow will not be gone by Easter. :(

  3. Oh! I love your little St. Patrick's Day treasure, even giving a blessing!

  4. Awesome. I am looking forward to the day myself. I've got my shamrock socks on as we speak! And another pair to wear tomorrow! Happy St. Patty's!