Saturday, March 14, 2015

a paradox

"Adam and Eve thought that the 'no' to God was the crowning point of freedom, of being fully themselves. On the Mount of Olives, Jesus brings the human will back to unreserved 'yes' to God; in him the natural will is fully integrated in the orientation that the Divine Person gives it...Thus Jesus tells us that it is only by conforming our own will to the divine one that human beings attain their true height, that they become 'divine'; only by coming out of ourselves, only in the 'yes' to God, is Adam's desire - and the desire of us all - fulfilled: the desire to be completely free. It is what Jesus brings about at Gethsemane: in transferring the human will into the divine will, the true man is born and we are redeemed."

                                          -  Pope Benedict XVI,  A School of Prayer

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  1. hmmmm - yes, having spent most of my life chasing my own will or pandering to the will of others, this quote is making good sense.