Wednesday, February 11, 2015

clean and white with no end in sight


One thing about frequent snowfall is there's no dirty snow. Before it can get black from exhaust fumes, it's all covered over again with new whiteness.

And a little more tomorrow.


  1. really beautiful; stay warm and safe! :)

  2. I am having a surreal sense of things in that several of my blog-friends are from australasia and the American deep south and we're always baffling each other with weather difference. They baffled by my snow and cold. Me baffled by their heat and rain. And so its interesting to me to be baffled by your snow and my total lack of snow in February. Its unseasonably warm. The bears are coming out of hibernation and the garlic and irises coming up in the garden. Too soon. And you are shoveling swaths. What a world. So interesting.

    1. Yes, it is strange that your area is having such mildness. And, the bears coming out of hibernation? Not good for them, I'd think; because if it does get cold, will they know enough to go back? And your flowers! Well, we can't control these things...