Friday, November 21, 2014

Pinterest recipes: chocolate avocado mousse

I have been determined to make this one for a while now. A pudding of sorts, but more mousse-like; with no dairy, although you could use milk if you wanted, and the hidden but major ingredient being four avocadoes.

There is no photo here - you know what a chocolate mousse/pudding should look like. And here is the recipe, or the picture I should say, which got my attention.  So, with my ingredients at hand, I re-read the directions. And the very first thing threw me right off and I wasn't sure what to do.  "1/2 cup crushed dark chocolate". What does she mean? Finely crushed, which would be a significantly more than slightly crushed. Or something in between? I was wishing she'd given weights rather than measures, when I realized that it was adapted from this recipe by Giada De Laurentiis. Ah, Giada just used chocolate chips!  Okay. So what I ended up doing was somewhere betwixt the both of these two methods.

I didn't think my blender could handle this, so into the food processor I put: four very ripe avocadoes, a half cup plus two tablespoons of coconut milk, a half cup of honey, one tablespoon of vanilla, a pinch of salt, half cup of Hershey's cocoa and a melted-and-slightly-cooled half cup of semisweet chocolate morsels. I may or may not have included a dash of black pepper; I don't recall, but Linda says she thinks I did, so if she tasted pepper maybe I did put it in. I didn't want the red pepper, and I didn't have raw sugar, so those were left out.

The coconut milk had separated in the can, which I expected, so I first tried whisking it together in a bowl, and then measuring. The whole amount was almost too much for my seven cup processor, so the mixer would have been best, really. Anyway, I tried some and my brother tried some and then I brought it to work today.

Well, I really wished I'd had my camera, because there were raves about it and Katie wants to include it somehow in her Thanksgiving menu. I told them they could finish it off and that's what they did. To me, it's a novelty and I may never make it again, but I can say that it really is very good.

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