Saturday, November 29, 2014

just what I needed

no, it isn't dirty - it's some kind of spatterware

This thing has been hanging out in the kitchen for many years. It's made of tin, and has a screw top with little holes. My mother used to put some powder in it - was it talc?  Anyway, I've been ignoring it, only giving it momentary attention when I dust.

Today, I'm making Leila's bread recipe and in her photos she's got a small jar nearby with flour in it. I thought I needed something similar to be able to shake flour on the counter and the dough, rather than getting my sticky hands into the canister. And then I suddenly remembered this little thing! I looked inside. Yes, it was flour in there - probably twenty years old.  But I cleaned it out and put in some fresh, and what a helpful little article it is!

In my ongoing purgings I had looked at it more than once with evil intent, but now am very glad that its pretty design prevented me from discarding it.

I just love it!


  1. how lovely and what a good idea! Aunt L's blog is a treasure too :)

  2. Cute! You could put powdered sugar in it too!

  3. Oh yes, did the same thing here, looked and considered donating choc powder shaker (for cappuchinos), then thought "what a great shaker for my bread flour, when kneading, Yaay, no more stick fingers.

  4. Clever. And I am a sucker for ol' family heirlooms like that. Even better when they're still in use!

  5. Oh, clever and beautiful! Blue and white, my favourite. :-)