Tuesday, November 11, 2014

a reprieve for the cherry tree

A tree post of another kind -

After several months of wondering what to do with our wounded cherry tree, my brother decided to just saw the heaviest branch off and hope for the best.

We're surprised it looks so well, but it does -  the fullness. That branch was most directly related to the split in the trunk and it hung over the driveway, so this was a sensible thing to do. I don't know what another cold season will do to it. We'll see.

the downed branch

We don't think bolting the trunk together would be enough, since there appear to be other areas which may end up splitting as well. I love this tree, and if we lost it, would probably get another. I hope it can hang on!


  1. I'll hope along with you, Lisa. It's a gorgeous tree.

  2. I hope so too! what a beautiful tree! Trees are surely a sign of God's presence to us...(not in the tree of course but in that He created such wonders)