Friday, September 12, 2014

shopping list bliss

I think I first read about the idea on Amy Karol's blog, Angry Chicken; she had a typed-up shopping list which she printed out every week and just checked off what she needed. I remember very well thinking I should do it, but it has taken me all this time. It is so handy I never want to go back to trying to remember. I can look at it very quickly and know whether I need or even want an item, but I don't have to remember it. Hallelujah! When I'm sure I've included everything I'll type it up and just make copies.

Now every week all I need are my list and a menu for the week and I'm almost done!


  1. I have my list typed up on the computer and print it out each week then check off what I need. Mine is also written in the order that I walk around the supermarket which may very well be just a little over the top but it makes for a speedy shop.

  2. Tracy, that's what I intend to do. And I don't think you're over the top at all - whatever makes the process more efficient.

  3. This really is a good idea! A good way to keep from forgetting things ... which I always do!

    1. It's more helpful than I can say - and mine is pretty long, but it doesn't matter - as long as everything you use regularly is on it.